It's Always National!

It's Always National!

Meet the Team

Butch Hendrickson

Chairman and CEO

Gary “Butch” Hendrickson, the driving force and Chairman of the Board at Continental Baking Company, brings decades of industry expertise to the forefront. With a remarkable track record, Butch has steered the company to unprecedented growth and profitability. His unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has firmly established Continental Baking Company as an industry pacesetter. Under his visionary leadership, the company has expanded its product portfolio and market reach while upholding an unyielding commitment to quality and excellence.

Craig Hendrickson

Director of Sales & Marketing

As the Director of Sales and Marketing at Continental Baking Company, Craig Hendrickson is Butch’s first and only son who brings a wealth of innovation to the table. Starting as a Production Manager within the family-owned bakery, he championed supply chain optimization and introduced pioneering production lines, earning acclaim from Jamaican consumers and global families alike. Beyond his professional role, Craig is an active member of the Company’s philanthropic arm, the National Baking Company Foundation, reflecting his commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development.

Steven Sykes

Director of Operations

Steven Sykes is the Director of Operations at Continental Baking Company. He plays a critical role in ensuring efficient production and product delivery while maintaining operational efficiency. Steven's responsibilities include incorporating island-wide distribution efficiency and modernizing production processes to achieve first-world efficiency as the company continues to grow.

Alwyn Clarke

Financial Controller

Alwyn Clarke brings 12 years of experience to his role as Financial Controller at Continental Baking Company. With a background in business development and export management, he is responsible for the company’s financial planning and functioning, contributing to the company’s asset value and return on investment. Alwyn is committed to maintaining a customer-centric focus, ensuring the company’s financial strength while consistently delivering value to our customers.

Shakira Robinson

Chief Operations Officer

Shakira Robinson joined Continental Baking Company in 2023, bringing 12 years of invaluable managerial experience in finance, operations, and information technology. Her extensive background positions her to have a significant impact on the company’s operations. Shakira’s expertise is centered on the successful execution of expansion projects and preserving the company’s cherished position as a household name among Jamaicans.

Tiffany Wong

Marketing Manager

Tiffany Wong has been a part of the National family for 10 years. In her most recent capacity as the Marketing Manager at Continental Baking Company, she oversees the brand portfolios as well as promotions and merchandising departments. Tiffany’s vision for the company’s future success is to rejuvenate brands, remain competitive, communicate effectively with customers, and continue to innovate, ensuring that our products remain the top choice for families.

Carey James

Shipping and Logistics Manager

With nearly three decades of experience at Continental Baking Company, Carey James brings invaluable experience to his role as Shipping and Logistics Manager. He is responsible for overseeing the efficient movement of raw materials and finished goods, both locally and internationally. Carey plays a vital role in driving the company’s transition to modernized processes, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring timely access to National products for our valued customers.

Lauri-Ann Samuels

General Legal Counsel & NBCF Executive Director

Lauri-Ann Samuels has over five years’ experience as General Legal Counsel and is also the Executive Director of the National Baking Company Foundation. In her capacity as General Legal Counsel she plays a vital role in overseeing the company’s compliance and risk management and safeguards the company’s interests. As the Executive Director of the Foundation, she ensures the Foundation is focused on fostering early childhood education, entrepreneurship with a specific focus on local manufacturing, and environmental sustainability. Lauri-Ann envisions her role as Legal Counsel to continue to uphold and protect the company’s interests, facilitating its growth and success.

Michael Lodenquai

Fleet Manager

As the Fleet Manager with two decades of experience at Continental Baking Company, Michael Lodenquai is responsible for the company’s garage and transportation resource, focusing on the maintenance of the existing fleet. He envisions enhancing fleet management strategies to ensure streamlined operations in an ever-evolving industry.

Omega Harris

Key Account Manager

Omega Harris, who joined the company in 2019 as a Brand Manager and transitioned to sales, currently holds the role of Key Account Manager at Continental Baking Company. Her focus is on strengthening connections with premier clients, understanding market dynamics, and refining offerings and strategies. Omega envisions creating true partnerships with key accounts, fostering mutual growth, and ensuring sustainable growth in this vital segment of the business.

Deryck Dwyer

Security Manager

With nine years of dedicated service, Deryck Dwyer serves as the Security Manager at Continental Baking Company. He oversees the physical security of all CBC properties, guarding deployment, access control systems, and staff security. Deryck’s vision for the company’s future success involves creating safe and efficient environments while emphasizing a commitment to quality across all security operations.

Ryan Davis

Assistant Fleet Manager

Ryan Davis holds the role of Assistant Fleet Manager at Continental Baking Company with six years of dedicated service. He efficiently manages the entire fleet, achieving cost efficiency and overseeing preventative maintenance, continually increasing resource and operational efficiency.



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